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Killing bedbugs can be easy and cost-effective. With our affordable daily equipment rental prices and our state-of-the-art bedbug heat systems, getting rid of bedbugs is as easy as pushing in the plugs. Call Anytime Bed Bug Heater Rentals at 832-662-2411 to find out if renting is right for you!


$299 a day

$99 each additional day 

Includes: 1 x Elite 4, or C4 Heater, 2 AF Elite Fan, 4 x 50ft Power Cords, 1 x IR thermometer, 1 x Turtle Box

Treats Up to 400 sq ft!

  1. 1 Room or Bedroom
  2. Large Hotel Rooms

The DIY 400 Heat Bed Bug package allows for single bedrooms or similarly sized spaces with low to medium infestation levels with some clutter. This package is best when bed bugs have just been discovered and are localized to one room with medium to no clutter. For this package to be effective it is critical no over-the-counter repellent chemicals such as sprays or foggers have been used prior to treatments.


*Please note that all prices are subject to change.  * Sales tax may apply.  Only 4 power cords are required   Total Circuits Needed: Elite 4 Heater Option: 5 x 20amp 120v or 5 x 15amp 120v circuits

Bed Bug Heat Treatments Are Simple

  1. Prep the room.  We will provide you with the information needed to prep the infected area for maximum heat effectiveness!
  2. The heaters are set up and the temperature in the room is raised to 120-140 degrees.
  3. The lethal temperature is held for a minimum of 8-12 hours and should be monitored regularly.
  4. After the required heat time the heaters are removed and the room remains closed to cool slowly and prolong the treatment time.
  5. The room can be re-entered and cleaned as soon as the temperatures have cooled.


I called them in a full panic. I recently returned from vacation, and I must have brought bed bugs back with me 😩😩.

After reading the best and most effective action to kill these things without just burning down the whole house. I decided to go with do-it-yourself heat extermination. They had the best price. The tech was there on time with the equipment and answered all my questions. fees were exactly what they quoted. The equipment was clean and very user-friendly. Needless to say, I’m a very happy customer and will be using them again if I should need them in the future. Thank you 😊

~Velma Mills

“I am very happy with this company and their quick availability when needed!”

~ Jame A.

“Anytime Pest staff were prompt and efficient. I left a message on a weekend and received an immediate response.”

~ Annette F.

“Explained everything so well, and very professional. Overall a great experience!”

~ Angelica R.

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