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Bed Bugs Don’t Stand A Chance


Slaying bed bugs with heat has never been easier! With new Convectex heating technology advances, many high-quality, cost-effective options are now available just for you! Killing bed bugs with heat has many advantages, including that only one treatment is required to eliminate your bed bug problem, unlike chemical approaches. In cases of extreme bed bug infestations, chemical treatments are even more likely to fail altogether, as bed bugs are continually developing resistance to even the highest-performing chemicals on the market. These work together to make heat the much-preferred method for the quick and efficient elimination of bed bugs.

Using Heat

Heat treatments work by raising the temperature in the area to above 120° Fahrenheit. At this temperature, adult bed bugs and eggs can be killed quickly. It is vital to make sure the proper temperatures are maintained long enough to kill all the bugs. Proper stratification of air via the use of air movers will distribute heat to the cracks and crevices throughout the structure, dramatically increasing the likelihood of one-time success.

What Tools You'll Need

To start killing your bed bugs with heat, the first step is to choose a heater powerful enough to get your space to the correct temperature and keep it there. In addition to the heater itself, you will need air movers and other equipment to deliver heated air where it needs to go, as well as a temperature gauge to ensure lethal temperatures are achieved everywhere. Knowing specifically what you need can be daunting, which is one reason we provide a complete heat treatment package for killing bed bugs based on your space, with everything you will need, even down to the instructions!

How To Get Started


Choose the heat package and complete the scheduling process on our website.


Make sure you read through the how-to documentation provided with your rental and quickly set up your heat system. Remember your Anytime Pest Elimination team is here to help!!


Successful treatment should take 12-24 hours to complete.  During this time your room will be heated to at least 132 degrees and all bed bugs, nymphs and eggs will parish leaving your space bed bug free!

You Don’t Want To Wait

Bed bugs are small, flat insects that feed on humans and other warm-blooded mammals. Bed Bug starts their life cycle as nearly microscopic eggs and grow through five developmental stages. At each stage, the bed bug nymphs must consume a blood meal in order to develop into the next stage. The whole developmental process takes about a month in an optimal environment.

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Bed Bugs

The Treatment is Simple

  1. Prep the room.  We will provide you with the information needed to prep the infected area for maximum heat effectiveness!
  2. The heaters are set up and the temperature in the room is raised to 120-140 degrees.
  3. The lethal temperature is held for a minimum of 8-12 hours and should be monitored regularly.
  4. After the required heat time the heaters are removed and the room remains closed to cool slowly and prolong the treatment time.
  5. The room can be re-entered and cleaned as soon as the temperatures have cooled.
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